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Bridging the Gap: DEI for Overloaded People Leaders

Disrupting Inequity & Building Bridges Toward Collective Liberation.

Equity Focused Development for People Leaders

Do you crave a space to be authentic and learn with other leaders to foster an inclusive organizational culture? 

Focus on your leadership development by engaging in seven sessions (five whole group and two individual strategy sessions) designed to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in refining your people practices and processes through applying personal, organizational, and systemic equity frameworks.

Learn & Practice Together

What's included?

Virtual Sessions to allow engagement for all types of learners.

(5) 3-hour, whole-group learning & unlearning sessions.

(2) 60-minute, individual strategy sessions to apply learning, & support you in your context.

  Learning in multiple modes: individual reflection, pairs, affinity groups, and grouping across-difference.
Session 1: Level Setting

What critical DEI capacities apply to Human Resources?

Session 2: Systems of Privilege and Power

How do systems of power and privilege impact Human Resources and leadership?

Session 3: Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

Are bias and microaggressions unavoidable?

Session 4: Inclusionary Policies and Practices

How do we make our policies and practices more inclusive & and equitable?

Session 5: Learning & Development

How can we grow a learning organization to increase our inclusiveness?

Meet Your Cohort Guides

Deanna Speaker Headshot

Deanna Rolffs (they/them)

Owner & Principal, L3 Catalyst Group
616.446.2425 |

Deanna supports brave leaders and teams toward transformation and liberation. Instead of cookie-cutter service offerings, they apply anti-oppression frameworks alongside Process Consulting to listen, help, and learn. Deanna co-creates pathways with you to achieve your brave future, rooted in your organization's culture, context, needs, and desired outcomes.


Courtney Simmons (she/her)

Owner & Principal, Inclusive Insight Group
616.617.0198 |

Courtney has led corporate organizations for nearly 20 years, experiencing the implicit and explicit ways organizations – and the humans that work for them – communicate that others don’t “fit in." She is passionate about transforming systems to make requisite change for true inclusion, equity, and belonging by designing and facilitating with a unique blend of candor and vulnerability.

Cohort Schedule

5 Whole Group

3-hour sessions. Whole Group. Multiple Modes of Interaction.

🧑‍💻 Sessions held in-person or virtually customized to fit your team's schedule.

2 Individual Strategy Sessions

60-minute individual strategy sessions to apply your learning and support you in your context.

🧑‍💻 Scheduled together with you.

Learn. Lead. Liberate.

🪑 Reach out to customize your cohort today.

💲Pricing upon request

⏭️ Scheduled to fit 



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