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Developing Liberatory Leadership & Teams

Reimagining Leadership & Building Bridges Towards Collective Liberation.

Step Bravely into Becoming a More Daring Leader

Do you want to grow your capacity to build and maintain an equitable and inclusive organizational culture?

Focus on your leadership development by engaging in sessions designed to increase your capacity to lead with courage in complexity, grow adaptive leadership, recognize and disrupt oppression in ourselves and systems, embrace courageous vulnerability, and heal within beloved community.

Learn & Practice Together

What's included?

🧑‍💻 Virtual Sessions to allow engagement for all types of learners.

⑺ 4-hour, whole-group learning & unlearning sessions.

⑹ 90-minute, small group application-focused sessions to apply to learning, & support you to reach your individual leadership goal toward creating a laboratory culture.

🤛🏼 Learning in multiple modes: individual reflection, pairs, affinity groups, and grouping across-difference.

Session 1: Launching Well

Framing our time together, grounding in relationship, and defining how we will engage together.

Session 2: Intersectionality

What does it mean for me to lead & work for equity given the intersectionality of my identity, life experiences, and role?

Session 3: Systems & Race

How do systemic oppression, white supremacy, race, & racism shape who we are and how we lead?

Session 4: Bias & Microaggressions

How does understanding and counteracting biases & microaggressions impact our leadership?

Session 5: Navigating Complex Systems

How do we recognize and navigate the inherent tensions, contradictions, & uncertainty in leading for equity in complex systems?

Session 6: Creating Humanizing Spaces

How can we design experiences in ways that humanize spaces & build greater engagement & ownership?

Session 7: Where do we go from here?

Building capacities to continue living-out our “Equity Why.”

Meet Your Cohort Guides

Deanna Speaker Headshot

Deanna Rolffs (they/them)

Owner & Principal, L3 Catalyst Group
616.446.2425 |

Deanna supports brave leaders and teams toward transformation and liberation. Deanna is a coach, Process Consultant, strategist, facilitator, and change agent, working with leaders and teams when they are stuck as they seek equitable organizational change.

Bela Speaker Headshot

Bela Bhasin (she/her)

Equity Leadership Coach
415.450.0888 |

Bela is passionate about supporting leaders to reimagine and transform their organizations in order to ensure and foster just, equitable, and liberating cultures so that all those within the system, especially those at the margins, can realize their full brilliance and thrive.

Learn. Lead. Liberate.

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