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Equity Leadership Conversations

Monthly conversation in community.

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Our monthly equity leadership conversations are a space to be yourself, connect with other leaders, ask questions, and share.

You are invited to join us for free, registration-only, monthly, virtual events designed to build community, share ideas, grapple together, and have conversations around themes of leadership, learning, and liberation.

Learn & Practice Together

What's included?

image-png *FREE* Virtual Sessions held via Zoom.

image-png-1 Register for one or all. (Registration Link below.)

April: Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations - Why are they so hard? What can we do about it?

April 17 at 10 PST / 1 EST


May: Applying Intersectionality

Applying Intersectionality: Isn’t it simply the presence of difference?

May 16 at 9 PST / 12 EST

June: Experiential Learning Cycle

June’s Topic with Bela Bhasin: Experiential Learning Cycle: How do adults learn best, and how can we apply that at our organization?

June 4 at 9 PST / 12 EST 

Meet Your Cohort Guide

Deanna Speaker Headshot

Deanna Rolffs (they/them)

Owner & Principal, L3 Catalyst Group
616.446.2425 |

Deanna supports brave leaders and teams toward transformation and liberation. Deanna is a coach, Process Consultant, strategist, facilitator, and change agent, working with leaders and teams when they are stuck as they seek equitable organizational change.

Learn. Lead. Liberate.

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