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What is Power?

Do you have an awareness of the power you have and how it impacts you, your relationships, and your interactions with those with less power? 

Intergroup Resources provides this definition of power:

"In its most basic sense, power is defined as the ability to accomplish something or act in a certain manner. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. considered power 'the ability to achieve a purpose. It is the strength required to bring able social, political, and economic change.' People with power have the opportunity to shape their lives and the larger world around them."

We all have identities that bring us power or marginalization. Those with marginalized identities are often expected to put in more labor, emotionally, physically, or mentally. For example, in many churches, men have more power, and women are expected to do the majority of labor in a multitude of ways. LGBTQ+ people are typically marginalized in organizations, schools, faith-based spaces, and even homes; hence LGBTQ+ youth have higher rates of homelessness and death by suicide.

Many of us envision liberation and work toward less marginalization in all spaces.

What spaces do you inhabit where certain groups of people don't have the power or agency to achieve their purpose? Which spaces are unwelcoming and not inclusive? Do you notice it? What can you do about it? How do you use your power intentionally or unconsciously?

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Fellow leaders and learners, I wish you courage and resilience for the journey.

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Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
Post by Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
December 21, 2022
Deanna Rolffs (they/them) is a strategist, facilitator, coach, systems thinker, and Process Consultant who works with executive leaders and teams at the intersection of organizational theory, leadership development, justice, and equity. Their process consulting approach focuses on organizational transformation via thriving teams, brave leadership, equitable systems, and inclusive communities. Deanna served as a Senior Consultant with Design Group International since 2018, became a Senior Design Partner in 2021, and launched L3 Catalyst Group in 2023.