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Gratitude for BE-ing in Community

This marks the completion of our three-month series unpacking L3 Catalyst Group’s Ls: Learn, Lead, & Liberate. We have heard from twelve brilliant humans about why they value learning, leading, and liberation. 

Don't worry, due to their braveness and badassery, we will continue to hear from more guest writers and vloggers in 2024. Sharing our stories and wisdom grows connectedness, courage, and community toward liberation. 

Blog - L3 Catalyst Group Mission


natalieAt L3 Catalyst Group, we believe that organizational and personal leadership requires learning. Growth and transformation can’t take place without learning…and unlearning. Learning includes study, experience, BE-ing, and unlearning.




kenWe believe that leadership is intention in action. Everyone can be a leader, irrespective of one's formal position. Leadership is significant and complex. It embraces conflict and is grounded in personal and organizational commitments, values, and vision for change. Addressing this complexity requires everyone’s engagement to do their own work for the collective whole.


12We believe that liberation is the goal. We work for liberation in our beloved community because we are interconnected. Together, we build bridges to disrupt oppression at personal, interpersonal, organizational, and systemic levels. We work to envision and make real a liberatory future of equitable outcomes not for profit.


With all that 2023 brought, and much hope for 2024, I am filled with gratitude to BE with you in the polarities and tensions, with brilliant friends and colleagues, supporting leaders and teams when they seek equitable and liberatory organizational change. Together we have learned individually and collectively about using our power, privilege, and intersectional identities for liberation to create transformational paths forward.

I can't wait to see what 2024 will bring. I'm grateful to be in this together with you.

Fellow leaders and learners, I wish you courage, rest, and beloved community along the journey.

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Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
Post by Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
January 24, 2024
Deanna Rolffs (they/them) is a strategist, facilitator, coach, systems thinker, and Process Consultant who works with executive leaders and teams at the intersection of organizational theory, leadership development, justice, and equity. Their process consulting approach focuses on organizational transformation via thriving teams, brave leadership, equitable systems, and inclusive communities. Deanna served as a Senior Consultant with Design Group International since 2018, became a Senior Design Partner in 2021, and launched L3 Catalyst Group in 2023.