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Leadership - Intention in Action

We are in the middle of a three-month series unpacking L3 Catalyst Group’s Ls: Learn, Lead, & Liberate. We are hearing from more than a dozen brilliant humans about why they value and how they define, understand, and love learning, leading, and/or liberation. They’ll tell a story or share a challenge that illustrates why Learn, Lead, or Liberate is important to them.

Today, I'm sharing what I'm learning about BEing in a world that values DOing.

Blog - L3 Catalyst Group Mission

At L3 Catalyst Group, we believe that leadership is intention in action. Everyone can be a leader, irrespective of one's formal position. Leadership is significant and complex. It embraces conflict and is grounded in personal and organizational commitments, values, and vision for change. Addressing this complexity requires everyone’s engagement to do their own work for the collective whole.

We support leaders and teams to dive deep into our complex identities of power and marginalization, recognize how they show up, and work toward personal and collective change in organizations and systems. We don’t ask you to go anywhere we aren’t willing to go ourselves, and we approach our interactions with curiosity, active listening, and love. Watch this video of Deanna telling the story of their recent leadership discovery.


What could result if you invested in developing your team's leadership? We are here for you!

Fellow leaders and learners, I wish you courage, rest, and beloved community along the journey.

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What Im Reading-1 What I’m Reading/Watching/Listening to:

  • Tovi Scruggs-Hussein, Owner of tici'ess  supports leaders to ask:  How can you go from “leadership do-ing” to “leadership be-ing?” Your do-ing will not be authentic or sustainable without your clear and embodied “BE-ing.”
  • I Am Light by India Arie (Fave meditation music)

Questions to Consider Questions for Consideration Regarding This Topic:

  • What is your leadership intention? How do you want to be experienced?
  • When stressed and stretched, try giving yourself a few minutes to reset, breathe, and just BE. What did it feel like? 
  • How can you prioritize yourself to just BE, with the world's constant pressure to constantly DO?
  • What does your hamster wheel of DOing look like? Who is demanding that? What can you let go of to also be there for yourself?

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Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
Post by Deanna Rolffs (they/them)
October 3, 2023
Deanna Rolffs (they/them) is a strategist, facilitator, coach, systems thinker, and Process Consultant who works with executive leaders and teams at the intersection of organizational theory, leadership development, justice, and equity. Their process consulting approach focuses on organizational transformation via thriving teams, brave leadership, equitable systems, and inclusive communities. Deanna served as a Senior Consultant with Design Group International since 2018, became a Senior Design Partner in 2021, and launched L3 Catalyst Group in 2023.